Better INI backend for Config::Model

Current ini_file backend built into Config::Model works pretty well, but not for all files. Config::Tiny module (used for reading INI files) makes assumption that a variable name cannot be repeated in one section. This statement is true only for about 99% of INI files. Look at the following fragment of valid Kismet config file:
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Creating configuration model for Kismet


Hi everybody!

I’m happy to announce that I have been chosen as a student working on GSoC “Improve Config file Upgrades” project for Debian (mentored by Dominique Dumont). Since it’s my first blog post, it’s time to introduce myself:

My name is Krzysztof Tyszecki and I’m third year CS student at Wroclaw University of Technology (faculty of Fundamental Problems of Technology). I’m using GNU/Linux since about 5 years (Gentoo Linux for about ~4 years, now Debian and Arch).

If after a few months you will simply forget about manually editing configuration files after upgrades, that will mean that this project had succeeded. Dominique nicely described some technical details in post at his blog.
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